Wednesday, December 7, 2011

more on the poop

You guys.  I love blogging.  I really, really do.  I mean, to think I can post some nonsense about poop and not only have other moms not judge me for diapering my 3.25 year old so he'll just shaddup and poop already, but make me feel BETTER about it?  And I tell you what, I feel about a bajillion times better after reading through the previous poopy post comments.  Because, for real, here I was thinking I was the only one with a half-trained kid!  I appreciate every one of your comments - both the commiserating ones and the helpful tip ones.

Now for the big (huge stinky gross) news .... I WON!  This round, anyway.  If you want to actually call it winning when the prize is, well, a turd.  The kids and I were taking Christmas tree pictures tonight when Mister A suddenly got this panicky look on his face that I just KNEW meant the poo was a'coming, one way/place or another, so it was time to MOVE.  I tossed my camera on the couch, grabbed the boy up, thanked God he was in easy-to-remove zippy pajamas as I stripped them off mid-run, and plunked him on the potty.  Where he POOPED.  You better believe there were some major festivities right there in that powder room.  Sister, puppy, mommy .... we made him feel like a very big special man.

We'll see what tomorrow (and the next day and the next) bring.  I will confess that I spiked a glass of apple juice with laxative this afternoon, so I'm sure that helped get things moving and upped his urgency a bit.  But hey, still, he did it!  We'll be sticking with the diaper ban 'round these parts, I think.

Thanks, friends.  I love you all for making me feel better about stressing over poop.


lovelifeinthesouth said...

Go Bug! I hope this is the beginning of a new pooping trend. Mine wasn't poop trained until a good six months after she was pee trained, and only after a grueling few weeks of bad constipation. Thankfully, she's all about the poop-in-the-potty now.

Katie said...

I wish it was that easy for us. :( I read your first poopy post and was overjoyed to learn I wasn't the only one who said to her 3.25 year old "Okay, you want to poop but not in your panties or in the potty? Fine. Just tell me when, and I'll give you a pull-up." And just like Bug, she DID! This set up worked great for about a month. But the last two weeks have been a nightmare. She no longer wants to poop in the pull-up and still wants NOTHING to do with pooping in the potty. Literally, she'll get that panicky look, and cross her legs and start dancing around whining, but when I try to get her to put on a pull-up she's all "I DON'T WANNA PULL-UP! I DON'T WANNA POOP ANYMORE!" Ugh... so she's constipated. If I try to put her on the potty instead of the pull-up she'll stiffen her body straight and slide right off SCREAMING bloody murder. And on the few occasions I HAVE gotten her to sit on the potty when it's obviously poop time, she'll sit there BAWLING that she doesn't want to poop. I don't know what to do anymore. Hope that Anderson keeps up the good job! Does he have a special reward that he got for doing that? I'm up for new ideas since jelly beans, candy corn, donuts, stickers and suckers don't seem to cut it for Allie. :(

mandie lane said...

Katie, do you do any laxatives? I'd probably just MAKE her poop, because it will have to go somewhere, you know? I talked to the pharmacist at Wally (who happens to be the supernice, trustworthy husband of a friend) and he okay'd the laxative. If you mix the powder with apple juice (which is a HUGE treat around here, so he goes for it) it is undetectable. I also give Bug a fiber gummy every day.

Good luck. I hope we're both proud moms of consistent potty poopers very soon.

MamaPnut said...

Okay, so random question! We are potty training my little guy and he will pee in the potty (we just started.. he isn't telling us, but he doesn't fight us either!) but refuses to poop in the potty.
We had gone straight to big boy undies and only use pull ups at nap/night and when we go out....

My question is for Bug did you use underwear or pull ups? Honestly I am so tired of cleaning poop out of underwear!!!

Why must potty training be so difficult?!

I get frustrated b/c he knows what he is doing yet he refuses to tell us!!

Sorry, this turned into a vent and a question!