Friday, January 6, 2012

home again

It's no villa by the sea, but home is good in its own forested, snowy way.  Especially when home includes BabyNormy nuzzling my face all the livelong night.  BabyNormy missed his mommy.  So did Chester.  You know how I know?  Because when I let him out of his kennel, he peed on my leggings.  Yay, dogs!  (THAT'S why I'm a cat lady at heart.  Has a cat ever peed on your leggings while you were wearing them?  No?  That's what I thought.)

The trip home was survived.  The plane part?  A total breeze, other than the uptight first class attendant with a serious superiority complex who APPARENTLY didn't appreciate us in the bulkhead so close to her precious first class passengers.  You know how we knew we were unappreciated?  She spent 48% of the flight time giving us the stinky side-eye.  True story, true stat.  And the kids weren't even remotely monstrous!  See?

The airport leaving part and the 3.5 hour late night drive home part?  Meh, I've had more fun.  Like, suchas, getting a pap smear.  There was a hijacked elevator, a lost car, a screamy poop stop, and a whole lot of crying for the first few .... hours.  From the kid who's big enough to maybe know better.  Which illicited a totally inappropriate but totally hilllarious exclamation from Miss V: "CHUT UP I TWY'IN TO SWEEEEEEP!"  She's never said "shut up" before, and I don't necessarily want to hear her say it again .... but not like we weren't all thinking it.  J and I had to "use the facilities" for about the last 90 minutes of our drive, but by then the kids were actually (blissfully, silently) sleeping so I told him we were letting our bladders burst into a thousand pieces before we were stopping that Tahoe of Torture.

But the moral of the story is, we made it home.  And home feels cozy and good, and even better with each suitcase I manage to completely unpack and stash away in the basement until our next trip.  And it will feel even better when I de-Christmas-ize the place.  Bring on ..... that dead season where no decor is quite right!  YAYS!


Sara said...

Never had a cat pee on my leggings (that is... if I could ever get leggings over my my thighs to begin with), but I hear they're known to pee in pack 'n' plays whilst their 'mommy' is away.

Katie said...

Welcome home!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great trip with lots of memorable moments! :) Happy 2012~

sarah said...

Sounds like fun times! ;) At least you got to ring in the new year in OC fabulousness. :) And I just said to Ryan after taking down the tree yesterday, "Now what the hell do I decorate for?!" Seriously depressing.