Saturday, January 28, 2012

the week

It was, you know, a week in January.  We wore a lot of pajamas.  Half the time, I couldn't get onto the internet from home, so that was obviously a quite painful experience.  The other half of the time, things like these were happening.  (I'm doing this in lieu of the old iphone week in review thing.  Because Blurb, you know?  STUPIDDAMNBLURB is STILL making me CRAZY.)  (And ALSO because Picnik isn't working right and will soon be dead for real, which is MEGA sadface.)

that'd be a vivi meltdown, folks.  bleeping molars.
oh, what?  you're not wearing your night vision goggles?  oh.  that's the PBK delivery truck that wedged itself in a snowbank, requiring many men and many trucks and chains and HOURS to be freed from the end of our driveway.  anderson?  THRILLED.
tired, runny nosed, and teething on the right.  sickie on the left.  that'd be my sad pale sickie face, people.  yikes.
then there was the day i left them with a box of mac n' cheese on a friend's porch and peeled out.  buh-bye!  i went home and attempted recovery via a nap.
*i'm kidding.  i waited until she pulled into her garage to peel out.
laundry detergent, dumped, then smeared to and fro with the broom.
*stock photo
*but it happened again and i was in no mood for picturing. 
and then ... saturday.  glorious, babysitter saturday.  i did this, ignored the stink eye for my unshaven legs, and i drank my coffee, and i went to the lake cabin and stared the the log walls.  the quiet, quiet log walls.  then i went home and squeezed my babies, because, you know, i actually kind of missed 'em.

It's a movie and early to bed night 'round these parts.  I'm contemplating Contagion.  But I'm also contemplating whether I might never leave the house again if I watch it?  I'll be back soon with pics of Vivi's big slash little girl room, that did FINALLY get assembled at 8:30pm when Willy got freed.  Our girl will probably be tented in that crib (ahem... princess castle) until college, but her new bed is most perfect for pre-bedtime reading and snuggles.

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Simply Complex said...

Um yeah, I guess you got your delivery fees worth on that one, didn't you?

And speaking of PBK, since you are a partial owner by now with the amount of stuff of theirs you own, tell me this. We have been contemplating getting some bunks (maybe, if I can't find a less expensive and nearly equally aesthetically pleasing option). So, how would you rate them? Do they scratch easily? Would you purchase them again? Spill the beans on the PBK furniture puh-lease