Saturday, February 18, 2012


i know.  not in focus.  but hello, too funny to care.
ps: he does exist!
Yeah.  So that's about how we all felt about another weekend inside the house.  Can you say, obligatory mid-Feb cabin fever?  Can you also say, OMG SUMMER COME FAST PUHLEAZE?  Plus, I've got a rotten cold and am feeling all "woe is me" about that one, so I knew, if we were to stay home, we'd mire ourselves knee deep in catch-up cleaning and laundry folding and inevitably, bickering about something.  Likesuchas, how J gave me this stupid cold.  Or something.  It's been a long winter, yall, or at very least, a long month and a half.  So last night, faced with the rare luxury of two consecutive J-days, I got an idea.  I yelled my idea up the stairs, and receiving no objections in return, got busy on  Ten minutes later, we'd booked a hotel room in Madison.  Nothing fancy, most certainly no seaside villa, but the joint has a pool and for all our kids know, a pool = mega awesome vacation.  (Too bad I momentarily forgot we had a dog.  Jackie to the rescue!  Thanks, Jackie!  And Robbie, too, obvi.)

So, we're in Madison.  We so love Madison.  The kids were total champs on the drive down, to the point that J and I had more than one "OMG are we insane having another kid and starting that whole insane baby deal all over again?!?" moment.  Ah, well.  Too late.  And I hear number three comes out ready to roll with the punches/spur of the moment weekend road trips, anyway.  (Fingers crossed.)  (No, I don't want to hear about your #3 who is crazypants, keep it to yourself.)  We got here and attempted to hit up State Street for lunch and browsing and people watching, but those plans were foiled by some sort of running thing (IN FEBRUARY?!) so instead we drove in traffic-cop guided circles around the Capital for a half hour and I almost peed my (brand new maternity) pants before saying "screw it!  The mall!  Let's just go to the FREAKING MALL!  Out of our way CRAZY MADISON RUNNER PEOPLE!"  We ate lunch at a real live restaurant, albeit not one so fancy that waiters visit your table, and only two of our two kids dumped their drinks in their laps!  (Uh...)  And it only took an hour for the maniacs to fall asleep for a nap in the same room back at the hotel!  Only an hour of insanity!  But seriously?  The sound of the two of them laughing hysterically together in the bedroom about who-knows-what?  Sweeter (and funnier) than nap time silence, for sure, and definitely made me feel like we made a good choice with this mid-winters' escape from the woods.  Next up, the pool.  And hopefully a hastier bed time than nap time, because after THAT J and I have a dinner date with our beloved Chin's (a la takeout, obvi, no need to call CPS) and then after we lick our plates straight clean we're probably going to bed at 8pm before the inevitable excited toddler 6am hotel wake up.  And by "to bed" I mean I'll be sleeping sitting up on a couch with a super stylish nasal strip so I maybe get more than three hours of sleep.  Unlike last night.  SNIFFLE SNUFFLE WOE IS ME.  (Again.)  

Tomorrow?  Are you ready for it?  


I know.  I die of excitement.  

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement on the baby news!  You all are the best, and I do mean BEST.  And also thanks for the Team Green Backup.  It's going to be fun.  Please remind me of this at 19.5 weeks when my resolve weakens, mmkay?  Think of all the money we'll save!  For example?  DVF is coming to GapKids and I won't even be tempted to buy anything for baby no-name!  Which just maybe kind of sort of means I'll buy twice as much for Miss V ... but STILL!  Big money savings and such!


Kaybee said...

If you buy twice as much for Ms. Vivi, then you are all set for later if it's a girl :)

Glad you're enjoying your mini trip.

Katie said...

I'm curious about this hotel getaway (because I'm dying from winter cabin fever also)... did you guys get a suite with two bedrooms? Or just one room with two queens? I need logistical details so I can imagine how this might work for us! :)

mandie lane said...

Kaybee: GREAT thinking. I knew I liked you.

Katie: we booked a 1 bedroom suite. They had two bedrooms, but for $50 more it wasn't quite worth it to me for a one night trip. (But on longer vacas, I think 2 bedrooms are a must!) Anderson slept in the king bed in the bedroom, and Vivi in her pack and play on the other side of the bedroom. At bedtime J snuck in and slept by Anderson, I hung out on the couch in the main room since I was all Sniffles McGee and such. It worked out well! Yeah, it took them awhile to settle in for naps (they don't share a room at home) (yet?) but hey, that's part of the fun of having siblings and traveling, right? :) Go and do something! I feel like a new woman.

Kristin said...

Yay for a weekend escape! AND baby! I am a bit behind but congrats on the newest baby F!

ana said...

Ummm, just wanted to leave you a note about that mac and cheese recipe you posted awhile back.
I finally made it --- my thighs, butt and unborn child thank you. So good!