Sunday, February 12, 2012

happy birthday, vivian!

Oh, my sweet girl.  You're two!  This brings tears to my eyes, because it's incomprehensible that your babyhood went by that fast.  And turning two, it seems, marks the official end of any last wisps of lingering babyhood.  You talk, you have fashion preferences (well, EVERYTHING preferences), you want to do it all yourself.  I admire your spunk, little girl.
I'm so taken with you, Miss V, more and more all the time.  I can't imagine life without my girl, my little sidekick.  We went to the out and about yesterday, just you and I.  You sat in your car seat as we drove all around town gathering cake and food and party goods, singing to yourself and smiling at me every time I glanced back.  You knew it was your special day(s).  At the store we chose pink forks and spoons, pink cups dotted with red hearts, and alllll pink balloons.  I tried to sneak a few purples into the mix, but no.  Pink, "jus pink".

Would you believe that early in my pregnancy with you, sweet Bumblebee, I'd tell anyone who asked that I wanted a boy?  Now, don't find these written words when you're 13 and take tearful offense as 13 year old girls tend to dramatically do ... it's just that, in those days, my head was filled only with thoughts of blue and trucks and sand and all things boy.  Your brother, just eight months when the news of your existence came about, was all I knew how to mother.  And, I thought, he'd be happiest with a brother to wrestle around the yard with.  A duo of dudes.  So, I told myself, I wanted a boy.  I was convinced, but your daddy knew better .... and all I know is, from the moment your girlhood was pointed out on the ultrasound screen, you stole my heart.  You with your spinning dances, your tutu adoration, your shy smiles when you're caught singing in the back seat.  And every day, little girl, I'm more in love with your ways, more entertained by your company.  Your newfound sense of humor, your enthusiasm for all things Dora related, your little tongue clicks you do when you know you're walking a fine line between cute and naughty.  I love the way you instinctively shush and snuggle your baby dolls, with how you opened your first tea set last night and were stirring and pouring like a pro right out of the box.  And I can't wait for all that is to come, Vivi.  I know there will be ups and downs, but I know this, too - you're loved to the moon and back, every little bit of you.

Happy second birthday, Vivian Jenae.


Katie said...

What a lovely post to celebrate a lovely little lady:)

Happy Birthday Vivian!!

Anne said...

Your children will love reading these birthday posts as they grow up (and learn how to read obviously). Happy birthday to our dear Vivi!!

Betsy said...

My fav picture of those 3 is the one with the balloons. She looks SO happy and proud of all the pink balloons! I love it!

Verna said...

Happy Birthday Vivian!
I thought I would be okay with out a girl. I thought I might be destined for all boys. Little did I know that a little princess would change my mind, and boy am I glad!