Friday, February 3, 2012

some things are awesome, some things are not

Oh, it was a long week.  So long I can't believe it's only Friday and not, like, next Wednesday already.  So.  Long.  And many things about this week weren't awesome.  Some things, in fact, were scary.  Some were stressful.  I probably cried a time or twelve.  I won't bore you with details, we've all had those weeks and those scares and those stresses.  And, I do believe, all is well on this Friday evening.  Except that BachBen really DID strip naked and swim with old Crazy Lips Courtney, that really happened and can not unhappen.  Skanks, the lot of 'em!  But instead of delving into the not-so-awesome, let me share with you The Awesomes.

Things That Are Awesome:

1) having children who can not yet tell time.  Actually, I'm NEVER going to teach them to tell time, and I'm going to keep them home from school on the day where they teach time telling.  Because tonight?  When J was working late and 6:45pm hit and I was just totally done-zo with the bickering and the shrieking?  It was seriously awesome to be able to look at the clock iPhone (who has clocks anymore?), fake gasp, and say "WHOA!  You guys!  It's super duper late!  Waaaaaay past bedtime!  Hurry and let's go read stories and get to bed before daddy finds out you were up SO LATE!"  It's dark outside, so who are they to question my time telling skills?  To bed they went.  Mwahahahaha.

2) the crock pot roast beef we had for dinner tonight.  You guys.  SO GOOD.  It was super simple, too.  3 pound roast, some veggies (we just do carrots and potatoes in this house), water, and one packet of each of the following: brown gravy mix, ranch dressing mix, italian dressing mix.  EXCEPT, do not use all of that, or you'll die of sodium OD (if, indeed, you can die of that?)  I mixed the packets all together, rubbed 1/3 all over my hunk of raw meat (gag, gag, gag), then sprinkled another 1/3 over the roast and veggies once I had them assembled in my pot.  I let it cook on low for about 9 hours and I tell you what, it was scrumptious.  My kids even ate their carrots, which is miraculous.  It was so good I might be eating a second helping right this very second.

3) catching this grin on Bug's face at tubby time tonight.  I mean, come on, cutest face ever.

4) my friends.  They're very great.  And my family, too, but duh.

5) this thing.  Did you see it already?  Did you die laughing like I did?  I've said "where are your SHOES?!" probably eleven hundred times so far this year.  One time, we got to the grocery store, and Anderson straight up had NO SHOES. It's winter in the tundra, yall.  Barefoot wasn't a classy look, but hello, we were already THERE.


Candice said...

Hope next week is filled with only awesome!!

Heather Wilkins said...

I used your recipe for roast today--it was AMAZING!!!!! Thank you!

mandie lane said...

Thanks, Candice!

And Heather, yay! I just shoveled down the last of my leftovers today. ;)

Justin and Morgan said...

I love this recipe. I do it the same way :) I found it on Pinterest.