Monday, March 12, 2012

crazy hair

What Miss Vivi likes: sleep, sleep, and more sleep.  Homegirl is a sleep machine.  It's unreal.

What Miss Vivi dislikes: having her hair combed after that sleep.  There's not much hair, but there's enough for crazy hair.

On another note, notice my pictures are 90% of the iPhone type lately?  These are the first "real" pictures I've taken in .... weeks?  Sad.  I've been in a creative funk, for sure.  I've only been using Pinterest to look up a favorite recipe, I've got not the patience or energy for much crafting, and the things I have tried to craft have been flops (Vivi's lamp, for starters - would've been cheaper to just buy the PBK model I was trying to knock off, since the knock off ended up in the trash).  And my poor camera has gathered a bit of dust.  Partly because I misplaced the charger, and it just turned up over the weekend in the back of my closet at the bottom of a shopping bag.  I just feel .... uninspired.  The pregnancy stuff?  Balancing work and babies and a moose-size puppy?  Winter blues?  No doubt that, in part, it's the bland landscape - there's not much inspiring about banks of white stuff, really, at least not four months into winter.  This week's days with forecasted highs near 70 should help with that, no?  Spring fever is raging in this house ... along with the deep phlegmy cough that A passed to V that's STILL keeping us home and away from the general toddler public.  BLEEP.

Anyway.  Here's hoping green grass and chirping birds and healthy kids and the 2nd tri make for a more inspired me.  And a girls' trip to Texas later this week!  YAY TEXAS!

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Katie said...

you can get away with crazy hair when you are as beautiful as Miss Vivi:)

So glad you dusted off the camera again- beautiful shots:)