Sunday, March 4, 2012

it snowed, et cetera

Oh, look, here I am again slacking on the blog front!  It's just that, when my kids are asleep, I usually have three pastime options.  1) work.  2) nap.  3) me time (likesuchas, read or blog or watch TV.)  Work, if not completed in the morning hours while my kids play at the gym day care and I feel (not very) bad about not working out enough, well then, work wins.  (Because otherwise it eats up my evening TV time, duh!)  But then after work?  Let's be real people.  The nap's always going to win.  ALWAYS.

Or take today.  My husband is in his man cave fighting off another man cold (LORD HELP US ALL), and since it's a day of rest and all, I knocked work out of the pastime option running.  Which left 1) nap or 2) me time.  First, I tried to watch the SNL I recorded last night featuring Miss Lohan.  Oh, Lohan.  The Disney Housewives skit was hilarious, but after that?  Fast forward.  Fast forward.  OMG fast forward.  Poor Lohan.  So, quite obviously, I ended up napping.  For the baby.  And my whole family?  Still napping!  The bums!

Anyway.  So now, blogging!  What to tell you about this week.  Not much is standing out.  It's all kind of fuzzy.  Probably because we were in a snow coma.  This, my friends, is what it looks like when you get the 3rd biggest one day snow fall in history:
imagine if he weren't polar bear size?
you like how our stop sign is, like, six inches from being under snow?
Honestly?  I loved it.  It was February!  February is a snow month.  As are January, December, and November.  Snow outside of those months does make me a wee bit (meaning VERY VERY) cranky .... but I like the snow in the (self-determined) Months Of Snow.  I tried being a hot weather person, it just didn't fit.  Give me my Uggs.  Or in the case of Wednesday, when roads were impassible and everything from the library to the coffee shop was shut down .... but not, of course, your local trusty automotive dealership (bye, J!) ..... give me my pajamas and my snuggly littles and super fancy tea parties.  And sleeping cats, because duh.  I love you, cozy snow day!

And then, the next morning?  When we ventured out because let's be real, one day of cozy is good, two days of cozy is "LET US OUT BEFORE WE EAT EACHOTHER!" it looked a little something like this:
oh, you know, just snow piles as big as my not-small suv. 
at one time, there were stairs there.  see you in may, stairs!
In news of the littles, let's talk about Baby No-Name.  I had my 13 week check up, and as far as little BNN goes (NOT an official nickname, I've just been too busy napping to nickname poor little nameless #3), all is well.  Heartbeat chugging right along.  Yay!  The bad news?  The super depressing, no good news?  I've got my ticket for the Diabetes Train once more.  #%^$#^&T*&  Which clearly, makes me SO happy and not bitter at all and I totally did NOT throw a mental pouty fit.  I don't know, exactly, how my OB saw into my future in order to pre-diagnose me (obviously we all assumed, but he removed any shadow of doubt remaining).  There was a number he got back from my blood work - 5.4 - which he explained means I can start stocking up on string cheese and eggs (barf) and kiss my Girl Scout cookies goodbye, but which he also explains means odds are in my favor for another mild, diet and exercise controlled, non-baby-affecting case.  Apparently when your mysterious number reaches 8+ they worry about the baby, so I mean, yay for not being 8+ on the mysterious number scale?  But seriously, Eff Bomb.  And you know what's even better?  The fact that my risk factor for ending up with Type 2 later in life is, like, sky high now.  Oh, joy!  WHY WHY WHY?  No family history, zero other risk factors, SO WHY?  So, if any of you who are reading this had Gestational Diabetes 72 times and didn't end up with no legs by your 40th birthday, drop me a line.  I want to know you!

In all seriousness, though, it's fine.  It's a bummer, but our summer diet consists of a whole lot of proteins straight off the grill and fresh veggies and all that wholesome nonsense, and a family who will be supportive and wait until we go home to haul out the ice cream .... so the diet won't be a total B to keep up with.  And, most obviously, what matters is BNN.  And keeping my legs.

Last but not least, I guess this is what a bump looks like at 13 weeks on round 3.  Like, whoa.  I just compared it to my bump pics with Bug, and this is about how I looked at 20 weeks pregnant with him.  Except for some odd reason, I looked way better rested in those photos.  Hmm.
i haven't mastered smiling and self portrait taking at the same time.
Happy new week, yall!  I did complete a fun little DIY project for V's room.  And by that I mean I took some "Before" pictures two and a half weeks ago, then the project sat on the dining room table for awhile, then I made J finish it today .... but the little project is done.  So I'll get some pictures of that and her big girl room as a whole and get those up later this week.  Meaning, in May sometime if you're lucky.


Harmony said...

Cute bump! And those snow pics are amazing. Sorry about the GD again -- but just think...our August babies will be here before we know it!

Betsy said...

Boo to GD! And that's crazy about the type II, especially since you take care of yourself. I am tempted to say BS to that doc, but, I guess he's the doc. Still.

Oh, and I DVR'd SNL also (because who can stay up until 10:30pm?), and I CRINGED at her reading the cue cards. She didn't even try to hide it. For shame.

Anne said...

You look so cute!! Bump is bigger since I saw you 2 weeks ago!! I'll skip the monogrammed cookies from KLP with you at the GTG this summer. Random string of thoughts is now over.

Katie said...

Yeah for 13 weeks!! Boo for no more Zippy's donut mornings! Maybe I could whip up some tofu donuts... or not because I've never eaten tofu in my life but anywayzzzzz. You look great! Haven't seen you in a week and probably won't for a few more days but we are on the mend. FINALLY. Miss you!!!

Ashley said...

I'm not sure I could ever do that much snow. It looks kind of cool, but um, no thanks :). I don't think I'm a no seasons kind of girl, but I'll take something much warmer than that!

The bump looks lovely, sorry about the GD!

jenni said...

You look adorable mama!

Verna said...

My aunt had GD 3 times (I'm pretty sure anyway) and she's 50 and still has her legs. : ) We even have a family history and she's still doing good. Glad baby is doing well, and your belly is cute!

bethxlove said...

What an adorable little bump! I'm 25 weeks with our second, and my belly is HUGE compared to last time around! Crazy!! xxx