Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sick bug, sassy bee

Poor, sick Bug.  Hoarse voice, big phlegmy cough, flushed little face.  And while I'd never wish one of my kids ill, there is the matter of all the extra cuddles, and I'm not going to lie - I like the extra cuddles.  And the "carry me, pwease"s and the warm, heavy head that rests on my shoulder for far longer than he'd ever allow these days, were he feeling well.
"no lunch, mama.  teddy so tired."
 And this one?  Not sick, KNOCKWOOD.  (We've got traveling to do next week!  To someplace warm!  With Chick-fil-a and family!)  But you know what she is?  A total two year old, all of the sudden.  Sassy and dramatic and full of "I do mah hat by mah self!" kind of spunk.  Is this a babysized glimpse of 13?  Wine!  Send wine!
fine.  do yo hat yo'self.


Katie said...

That is the cutest teddy! I am looking for something classic for my baby, where is he from if you don't mind my asking?

Simply Complex said...

It must be something with girls. Our 19 month old is all about doing EVERYTHING herself. She will even ask for help, then say, "NO! doet mself".

The kicker is that she keeps acting like she wants to be potty trained, and constantly takes her diaper off, announces she needs to pee, sits on the toilet....then gets off and pees on the carpet in the other room. Not so awesome.

mandie lane said...

Baby Gap! Love that Teddy!

mandie lane said...

Yes! Same here. Carpet pees are no fun.