Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Goodbye, house in the woods.  It's a done deal as of 10am today, when we signed a stack of papers and collected a check and handed over keys to giddy buyers and walked out the door of the Realtor's office one house lighter.  Then got in our car, realized we had no kids, no mortgage (for two days), and a significant check with our names on it .... and briefly entertained the idea of hopping on a jet to Fiji.  However, we'd miss the kids, I'm probably not allowed to fly to Fiji, and there might be a pesky little lawsuit if our funds don't show up for closing #2 in Colorado.  Oh, well.  It was a fun little fantasy for the thirty seconds it lasted, anyway.  And it distracted from the obvious emotions I was having over signing away a house we really, really loved.  Relieved as we were to have a quick sale, it was bittersweet to see the (very nice) new people jump in their car and imagine them headed over to "our" house to unload their boxes and repaint their rooms and make it all theirs, not ours.

We said our goodbyes last night.  Goodbyes are hard.  For me, anyway.  I lingered in the kitchen remembering holidays and birthdays gone by, stood for awhile in the foyer thinking of the friends we welcomed there and the late winter afternoons when the kids would stand with their faces pressed to the glass watching for daddy's headlights, and sat on the front steps taking in those last moments while the kids played ball in the yard.  The rest of the family was just ready to lock up and go get dinner.  Onward and upward and hungry and such.  But they humored me with a few last front step shots.  They were our tradition here, you know?  Pretty red backdrop, pretty afternoon sunlight, pretty trees reflected in the windows.  Remember the very first front step shot? WHEN THEY WERE TEENY TINY BABIES?  :::sob:::
october 2010
So last night, with these last photos to take with us, we finally closed the door and drove away and everyone waved until the house was out of sight.  Goodbye, house in the woods.  May you be as good to your new people as you were to us.  Which was very, very good.


Laura said...

It really was beautiful. Can't wait to see the new house!

Candice said...

Ditto Laura!! And super sweet post!

Katie said...

Just got goosebumps. Everything was so well said.
Drove past your street today and kinda wanted to cry :( We're going to miss you!!

Lisa said...

Thinking of you! Exciting times are ahead and you will have wonderful memories of your time in WI.

And ditto the others - can't wait to see the new home!