Monday, August 6, 2012


8.75 kids, three happy to be reunited mommies, and three great dads on hand to man the grill and keep the kids alive by the lake .... GTG2012 was a smashing success.  The weather wasn't as perfectly lake-worthy as we'd hoped, but hanging out in sweatpants watching the Olympics and eating (Red Pepper salsa, you guys, OMG!) turned out to be just as much fun.  Maybe more fun.  I maybe overdid it on the snack purchases, but HELLO, who put the pregnant lady in charge of bringing snacks?  Maybe I did.  I don't know.  All I know is my kids ate their body weight in cornpuffs and Twizzlers and I didn't even care.  That much.

It was a very good weekend.  You know you've had fun when a whole 12 hours after we pulled away from the lake house, we were back at it, emailing about next year.  I can't wait.  I might even stay up past 10pm next year!  And not weigh 400 pounds!  And bring a veggie or two!

In the grand tradition of GTGs, the group photo.  Quite an effort.

don't mind the mystery limbs on the far right.
GTG backstory located here.  In case you cared.  Which I'm guessing 0.8 of you do, but look at the BABIES!  They exploded in size in the past 12 months, it seems.


Anne said...

Next year I'm bathing in the salsa. LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

lena said...

The matching suits kill me!

Lisa said...

traditions & good friends are the best! glad you guys had a fun time!

Kristin said...

Pretty cute looking crew!!