Friday, May 25, 2012


Do you guys remember when we sold our house in Austin?  And by "sold" I meant left Austin sale-less and had it sit on the market for eleventy billion stressful months after that and sell for zero dollars and twenty one cents (approximately) after that?  I was pretty sure we just had shit luck selling houses, at least in shit economies.  Well, friends .... I was wrong.
I KNOW!  SQUEEEEEEEAL!  Now let's all join together and cross our fingers that it's smooth sailing from here to closing.  Or better yet, from here all the way to Durango.  Yee-haw!  (Do you think they say "yee-haw" in Durango?  It strikes me as a "yee-haw" kind of place.  I'll get back to you on that.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


After a week of weed whacking and closet purging and replanting plants the dog unplanted and rebuying door mats the dog chewed to bits .... this was a family in need of a break.  A break from the house, a break from the home sale preparations, and most CERTAINLY a break from the @!#$%^& dog.  (We love you, dog.)

To Madison.  To a hotel with a pool, which if you're three and two, is like fuh-reaking Disney World, even if it's just some three star joint with lumpy beds.  We lost count of how many times during the 3 1/2 hour drive Mister A asked us if we were "almost to da poo?", but it was somewhere around eleventy billion.  Then throw in a (free!) upgrade that allows each kid his or her own bedroom?  AND free breakfast with FRUIT LOOPS?  The stage was set for a pretty great weekend.

And so, without weeds to whack or closets to clear or dogs clean up after, we swam.

And we shopped.
hello, newborn photo session perfection?
now if the kids would sit as still as those clothes.
(won't happen, sorry Sarah!)
what do you mean, they don't come in my size?
And we took the kids out to dinner and actually enjoyed ourselves.  It was less like a morsel shoved in our mouths here in there between torturous work and more like something I'd actually call a civilized dinner shared by four civilized people.  Who ate their food.  Nobody vomited on the table, even!  Just in time to add another crazy restaurant-hating baby to not eat and table vomit!  Wheeee!
oh, hi, pregnancy arms.
focus on the cute kid.

And after dinner, with full tummies begging to be walked off and the most perfect of summer evening weather making us in no hurry to retire to the hotel room, we kept the kids up past their bedtimes and explored Middleton.  We strolled, we chatted, we got gelato and didn't care one bit that they covered the stroller in it, because they were having fun.  And so were we.  We enjoyed every last minute of a sweet night as a family of four while we still are a family of four.

And I only cried twice (no photos) thinking this may be our last ever trip to Madison.  Could that be true?  It most certainly could, I suppose.  The city that welcomed me "home" after college, and taught me life lessons likesuchas "don't work for a company with disgusting moral values and even more disgusting sexist tee shirts" and "if there's a mattress saran-wrapped to the top of your SUV go talk to your sister".  The city where we said our I dos surrounded by our very best people and started this whole family train in motion in doing so.  If it was goodbye, this weekend of ours, I'll tell you this much .... it was a good goodbye.  And hey, you never know.  Maybe one of my kids will decide to be a Badger and bring us back to Madison.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've just recently gotten to the point of knowing which light switch in this house flips on which light.  So, you know, I've stopped doing that thing where you stumble into the kitchen at 2am for a glass of water and flip each of the five light switches one after the other (on, off, on, off....) before you finally hit the one that turns on only the dim lights over the snack bar.  And just the other day, I peeled an Allied moving company inventory sticker off of the bathroom garbage can.  I don't need my GPS to find anything, we've got a pedi and a vet and a trusted group of friends to call on for any occasion.

Just in time.  Because we're moving again.  We've done north, we've done south, we've done north again.  This time, we go west.  Not as far west as the palm trees and ocean breezes of my OC daydreams, but to a locale we've always felt would be a perfect blend of all we love from my part of the country and J's ....

Colorado!  Or, if you ask the littles, "Tall-oh-wad-oh!"  Home of Uncle Binky and drop-dead gorgeous scenery and a cool little town called Durango that we'll soon be proud to call our own.  Soon meaning sometime after Miss #3 comes out.  Probably very soon after that.  Hopefully with a "SOLD" sign in our rearview mirror.  Please please please sell, house!  We're excited, yall.

I mean, there are totally moments where I feel like this:
(crazyface.  because packing planning selling buying unpacking.)
And other ones where I feel like this:
(sadface.  leaving people we love!)
And then the ones where I feel like this:
(omgface.  3 kids 3 cats 1 dog 1,507 miles HOW?!)
But mostly, we just feel like this:

Happy.  Eager.  A tad bit nervous about all that's to come between here and there, a little (okay, lot) sad about the goodbyes we'll have to say ... but mostly just comfortable with the feeling that we're following our hearts and taking a leap of faith.  Adventures are good.  Exploration is good.  Growth is good.  A little insanity, also good.  We won't be bored this year, that is for sure.
colorado looks good on ya, kid.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

23 (and a half)

Week 23.  I'm sure of it this time.  I counted.  
This week, Anderson caught a look at my bare belly and gasped: "MOMMY!  Dat baby is gettin' BIG!"  Indeed, she is.  J's able to feel her jabs when he rests his hand on my belly at night, and I've put away the very last of my non-maternity wear.  And mama?  Mama's getting heartburny and achy and increasingly apprehensive about the upcoming GD test.  Which we all know I'm going to fail, right?  Right.

I had time to take the belly pic because the kids, they were workin' at the carwash, yeah.  (Ugh.  I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF!)
Did I mention I love summer?  The time of year where a garden hose buys a good hour of (nearly) spat-free fun?  Oh.  Well, I do love it.

You know what (who) else I love?  My brand new baby niece, Naomi Elise.  Who happens to be the most beautiful little baby in all of Houston.  Seriously.  She is!

I'll be back tomorrow.  I have something to tell yall.  Something B-I-G.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

summer kids

Winters are so long, yall.  SO LONG.  So long that you almost forget that at the end of it, whether "the end" be April or May or mid-freaking-June, the snow will melt away and reveal green parks and bright blue lakes and plants sprouting up where you almost forgot you'd even planted plants, SO LONG was the winter.  Summer, it seems, is working its way into the woods, inch by inch.  And we are going to eat this summer up, I tell you.  Picnics and bike rides and bedtimes that come and go while kids are still eating drippy popsicles out on the front porch.  Today, they started asking to go to the park at about 8am.  Well, the one who was awake at 8am, anyway.  (I want Vivi's life.  She sleeps until 9am, is approximately six feet tall, and has more clothes than I do.)  And finally, at 10am with breakfast in the tummies and the minimum of housework completed so I could play the day away with a clean conscience, we were off.  To the park.  Just me and my Fake Twins.
Summer kids are glorious, aren't they?  Their dirty little toes and their slightly golden cheeks and their chubby little thighs sticking out of their shorts and the way they smell like fresh cut grass and freedom (as opposed to winter kids, who smell like Vicks and misery).  Yes, summer kids are my favorite kind of kids.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

or maybe alimony.

Oh sure, kids!  We can totally adopt that homeless cat from the adoption fair.  We'll just name him Divorce.  Or Singlemom.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the movie peter

V: "mama, where we go'in?"
me: "to the movie theatre!"
V: "oh.  the movie peter!"
me: "the movie thhhhhheeeeatre."
V: "oh.  the movie peter!"
me: "yep.  movie peter."

Luck of all luck, we were the only people in the theatre.  And we made it through 10 previews, asking every 3.5 seconds "when da Pirates coming on, mommy?  Now?  Is dat a Pirate?  Is dat?  IS DAT?" and through approximately 19 minutes of the Pirates movie.  Then the popcorn was gone, then Anderson wanted to stand up, then he wanted to sit in my lap, then he wanted to stand up, then he wanted to sit in my lap, then Vivi wanted to sit in my lap too, except my lap?  Space is limited at the moment.  Take turns.  Up, down, up, down.  Then Vivi pooped, then Anderson said "hey!  SHE POOPED!  You hasta change her!"
So, don't ask me what the Pirates movie is about, because we left before I could figure that out.  Pirates, maybe?  Something about a dodo bird.  But I got to sip Diet Coke and play with my iPhone for ten minutes or so while my kids ran from one end of the aisle to the other having the best time EVAH, so, win.

The kids' tickets were free, anyway, because the twins are under 3.  Twins for the win!

Friday, May 4, 2012

august 31!

First off, thanks for telling me I look semi-decent in those pics I posted yesterday.  Because today?  At the OB's office?  When I found out I gained ANOTHER seven pounds (on top of the seven I gained last month and the other bunch I gained during the first trimester where I ate nothing but freaking TOAST)?  NOT feeling so semi-decent!  WTH, yall?  I've been exercising, I limit the treats, and I'm chasing two lunatics and a moose around all the livelong day!  I take the stairs, I park at the far back of the parking lot, and I only had Dairy Queen ONCE last month.  I'm going to go with one of the following theories that doesn't include "you're just a fatty who will be in a Hoveround by the end of this": it's genetic (my mom says she gained a similar amount with all three of us), it's the diabeetus rearing its' ugly sugar hating head, or my baby weighs 20+ pounds.  She maybe does?  Just kidding, she totally doesn't, because my OB went over my ultrasound results from last month and she's in the 37th% for size right now.  HUH?  I had to ask him to look again and make sure it didn't say 97th%, because I don't make peanut babies.  You may remember Bug & Bee measuring off the charts all through my pregnancies with them, and being born an ounce or two under nine pounds a week or two early?  Maybe I'll have a baby who wears newborn clothes for longer than 2 1/2 days this time?  And whose head won't fit into a 6 month hat from the get go?  What if she has HAIR, you guys?  Maybe she's not even MINE!

Also!  Big news!  She has a birthday!  Unless she surprises us with an early arrival (DON'T YOU DARE, KID), we'll meet #3 on Friday, August 31.  Who wants to be on the lake drinking beer on Labor Day weekend when you can be in a hospital bed snuggling a newborn (and a JJ sub, duh) all day, right?  I'll be 38w6d (so my doctor told me, LIKE I could've figured that one out on my own), which is neat since that's the same gestational date Miss Vivi arrived.  And they'll both be Friday girls, too, and likely have similar birth times since it's looking like another early morning slice and dice for mama.

Speaking of Miss Vivi, does this look like a boy to YOU?

No.  Right?  She quite obviously looks like a precious little girl.  Or a cute alien, if you ask my dad, BUT WHO DID?!


pps: please excuse all the shouting and exclaiming.  I drank my lunchtime ((DIET)) soda treat a wee bit too fast, maybe?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

22 weeks (23? 22? 22.)

First time mom, I am not.  Remember with your first baby when you could spout off your baby's gestational age down to the minute?  "How far along am I?  Oh, 22 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, and 19 minutes and the baby is growing ear drums!"  Notsomuch for subsequent babies.  Especially not poor neglected nameless number three.  I'm pretty sure I'm 22 weeks on Saturday.  Unless I was 22 weeks last Saturday.  I DON'T EVEN KNOW.  What day is it?  Who are you?  WHERE AM I?
the view from above.
shoes?  hello?  shoooooes?
oh hi shoes, there you are.
i just have to bend forward to see my shoes, that's all.
22 weeks.
or 23.
probably 22.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

that's not a boy ARE YOU BLIND?!

Home again.  The airport goodbye part is never fun, holding back tears as I herd the duo through security, pulling out Ziplocs and collapsing strollers and usually forgetting to remove my shoes in the process, but the "hello daddy" part at the end of the trip is always nice.  Especially when it includes a monstrous Golden baby leaping into the backseat of the SUV and licking the kids silly.  And eating up their Happy Meal litter, of course.  Ah, home.  And also nice is when your kids remain on Pacific time come morning and sleep until NINE AY EMM.  I got kind of bored, if we're being honest here.  Tick tock, day is wasting, HELLO?!?

Fair word of warning: the next person who compliments my "boys" will get a super special prize.  And by super special prize I mean a throat punch.  "TWO BOYS?  You've got your hands full!"  (Oh yes, because wouldn't a boy and a girl be such a total breeze?)  The last straw was the old lady in the airport who told me she was in the "exact same position" because she "had twin boys, too!"  Oh.  Really?  Did you cross dress one of yours in a floral shirt and silver flower sandals, too?  FAB.  What do I have to do, get her a hairpiece?  Poor V.

I hauled my camera all the way to California and took pictures all of ONCE.  At the zoo, where I decided I want a raccoon.  (They have cute little baby hands!)  We did a million other things while we were there, but I doubt you wanted to see pictures of my In n' Out burger or my DryBar blowout or the forty five times Mommo took the kids to the park.  Or did you?  Sorry.
arriving at "the zoom"

and now, because they're budding animal hoarders, my kids want a goat.
vivi wants a pink one, bug wants an orange one.
grandpa said he might make it happen.
(only if the goats are living at his house.)
they're in one picture!  together!  not blurry, even!
you can hardly even notice the goat in the background.
That's all I can muster today.  Vacation hangover.  Unpacking to do.  Work to be caught up on.  A million things on my mind.  Oh yeah, and it's summer outside!  SUMMER SUMMER OMG SUMMER!  (If it snows again I'M LEAVING AND NEVER COMING BACK.)