Friday, June 21, 2013

oh hey hey hey

If you don't get my post title, you maybe haven't heard this song, and I'm sad for you.  WARNING: don't watch that with your kids.  Also Dr. Seaver's real life kid .... um, hello there, Mister Thicke.

That, my friends, was the official theme song of last weeks' Orange County get together with four of my best friends in the whole wide world.  Open windows, cruising down PCH with the Pacific shimmering beside us, Dr. Seaver's son providing the soundtrack to what was a much anticipated, much needed gathering of "the girls".

Rewind 12 years.  (TWELVE.  HOLY GUAC.)  I'm a newbie Alpha Phi and am paired up randomly with another newbie for our first stint as in-house members.  And here's what I know: I'm in an aptly named room (The Closet) and my roomie-to-be is the pretty, quiet girl with the hoop earrings.  That's about all I knew, going in.  I had no way of knowing this girl, after moving in and making three trips a day to Super Target and heartfelt, late night chats in our teeny-tiny corner room, would become one of my closest friends.  Or that she'd bring into my life some of HER close friends from back home who would become mine, as well.  And that we'd pick up another along the way, and that would be that.  And that Megan and I, we'd consider ourselves the "mamas" of this group.
don't mind my devil eyes.
tequila did it.
 And that these girls we gathered and bonded with and missed terribly when the time came for us to graduate and move on with our grown up lives?  They'd be the kind of girlfriends that just .... stick.  We've moved around, we've gone a few years without seeing each other, we've had ten kids (TEN) but that distance and craziness is nothing a quick email can't close right up.  And every now and then, when the stars align and the schedules/husbands cooperate ..... we meet back up and pick right back up where we left off.  If not in the literary sense (the frozen plains of northernmost North Dakota), definitely in the way that really counts, laughing until our guts hurt ten minutes after the airport pick up kind of way.  Of course, missing our supportive husbands and sweet babies back home, but so embracing this opportunity to swap old stories (sometimes more than once .... TEQULA DEMENTIA) and catch up on our current events and ...... just relax.  Go to the spa and be luxurious about it.  Shop.  Eat without pausing to cut food up into chunks/mop milk up off the floor.  And drink things.  Mostly adult beverage things.

And see a Housewife, yall!!  We were waiting for a table at a Newport hot spot when Jenny noticed a sparkly Louis (Jenny has a keen eye for these things).  And then noticed who was attached to the sparkly Louis .... Lydia!  From RHOC!  Right in front of our very eyes.  Just her, her husband, and their two well-behaved little boys.  No nanny or entourage.  And when I Instagrammed about our encounter, she RESPONDED.  Graciously.  Consider me a Lydia fangirl, I don't even care.  Unfortunately, in our excitement, nobody got a picture.  But I promise, it happened, and it happened before twenty two pitchers of margaritas happened so that means it REALLY happened.

And then, Monday, it was time to pack it up and come home.  And as much fun as I was having and as sad as I was to see the ocean fade away out the cab's window ..... I couldn't wait to land back in the mountains and smooch these faces.  And do glue art projects at 8am.  They wanted crowns, we were making crowns.

And then they gave me the flu bug they passed around in my absence and I wanted to die the end.
the sprite i kept down for 30 minutes before.....
well, you know.


The Mahlke Chronicles said...

seriously so jealous you saw Lydia. I didn't realize she responded on IG, so I had to go back and scour your feed. SO COOL!

Katie said...

Lucky Gal-looks like you had a blast!! Marta and I have a get-away planned for September... I can't wait!