Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we camped

We can't be the only ones prone to easy distraction, can we?  You know, days intended to be quiet family days at home that turn into a quick Instagram upload here and a quick text to respond to there and kids fetching the remote from the drawer and begging for Disney Junior until you just finally say "FINE" and click on the Doc McStuffins to just stop the whining, already?  And before you know it you're all in the same room but really .... not, at all?

We needed a purposeful day of exactly the opposite of that.  A day where we load up the SUV and drive ten minutes down the highway to the place where our phones, showing 'no service', become useless trinkets.  Where, a few minutes after that, the road turns to dirt and the national forest beckons.  A day to truly relax, enjoy the quiet moments, get back to the basics.  To focus on us.  Just trees, bees, and chipmunks picking off our picnic leftovers.  A clear, crisp river flowing over rocks, just shallow enough for little kids to explore.  (In life jackets and in arms' reach, obvi.)  Rocks to collect and flowers to pick and mud to squish between little toes.  A tent not meant for sleeping overnight (not yet), just meant to excite kids to whom a tent means "WE ARE REAL CAMPERS".  Marshmallows, not roasted for fear of fires, just stuck on sticks.  A toy truck gathering pinecones and sticks, a new card game to learn, dirt smeared little hands grabbing into the shared bag of Pirate's Booty.  J and I, toasting to our adventure and our anniversary week and how far we've come in these nine years.  And our sweet, happy kids in various stages of undress as swimsuits lie drying out on rocks and last pairs of clean underpants end up full of dirt and discarded beside the tent.  It was a perfectly imperfect unplugged day.  It really, really was.  And it will be repeated.

chippy was a big fan of the snacks.
the kids were a big fan of chippy.
 And most of all, my heart was so happy to see my babies just enjoying each other.  Oh, sure, there was a spat over whose turn it was for the big truck and who got shafted to the middle of the wagon (Bug, taking one for the team, as per usual) .... but they had so much fun together out there in the forest.  So much love.

This was before we left.  With an absurd amount of gear, but whatever.  Here, we'd just told Vivian we said "camping," not "glamping."  And she was like "WAIT WHAT?"


Kaden and Ellis said...

LOVE THIS! Way to go mommy and daddy- packing up for a time like that isn't easy, but you've proved WELL worth it to connect as a family without distractions. So awesome!!

Imani Beads said...

You really have come a long way, DIL, in nine years! About ten years ago--it was "pre-pajamas" and I swear the word "camping" would have been more fitting to a "Four Seasons" (as in hotel). What a great journey with exciting times and learning curves--but God has been good through it all. So happy for these years and look forward to the years to come. I loved that the kids got to unplug and really see that life can be more. Colorado certainly offers the best that nature can provide. Have fun this Anniversary Week, or Month, or what is left of it!

Kristen Chambers said...

Love this!!! From my phone the picture of MG in the PNP looks like she has a little ponytail on top! I was like "whoa! Where'd that come from?!" Then zoomed in and realized it was the sun ;) this is such a cute and fun idea!! I want to move to CO!

Kathleen Bolt said...

I haven't been to CO during the summer in 11 years but you're making me want to book a trip! Looks like a great day, happy anniversary week!!!

The Mahlke Chronicles said...

Glamping. Love it! Great idea to "day camp" b/c sleeping is the hardest part of camping. But that looked like a lot of work (and junk!) for just a day.

Caroline Cameron said...

Love this post but wait - Mable is a complete mini Vivi. FakeTwins with a mini twin? Weird

Liz Rose Bowman said...

We just went camping too! Camping in Minnesota/Wisconsin is the best (especially the beer) :D