Thursday, July 25, 2013

july, speedy like

So Anderson's bald, we have a kitten, and summer's "go go go" inclination is leaving precious little time for blogging.  What little time there is after days of parks, picnics, and pools end in a pile of wet and/or dirty clothes discarded by the doorway and three tired kids screaming for dinner OMGRIGHTNOW is usually spent staring at the overflowing cleaned-but-unfolded laundry basket on the foot of my bed before heaving it into the closet and crawling under the covers.  To watch crap TV like only summer can deliver (I'm Having Their Baby, anyone?)  I'm starting to crave fall a bit, I must say.  Crisper air, days with set schedules, a fashion overhaul.  I blame Hobby Lobby for sparking this craving, because on a recent visit old HL greeted me with displays of golden colored fall leaf garlands and the scent of cinnamony pumpkin.  But then HL made me be like "WHOA, BACK THAT THANG UP" when I walked 10 feet farther and ran smack dab into tinsel and snowmen and Vivi went "oooh, mommy, FARKLY RIBBONS!"  Anyway, the "having no air conditioning" thing and the "kids are always filthy" thing and the "what day is it again?" thing just have me looking forward to the eventual change in seasons.  Don't get me wrong, summer's been a blast and Colorado once again delivered with a season more beautiful than I could've pictured .... but slowing down will be nice, too.  And two full days a week with just Mabel when the biggies head off to school?  I don't even know what I'll DO with myself.  A single stroller?  No potty breaks at every place with a potty?  No bickering FakeTwins knocking out a diaper display at Wally?  Yeah, shut up, I totally know I'll be crying my eyes out when I leave Vivian at school for the first time with her brother.  (It's all she talks about, this school thing.)

There will be no slowing down in August, however.  We're cramming a whole lot of activity into the last month of summer.  Continued baby-step overhauling of the house (onto the guest room, currently neon green) (NEON DAMN GREEN, YOU GUYS!), dealership events (1st anniversary, already!), company, more company, and wrapping it all up with a birthday and baptism weekend all in one.  A Birthdaytism, if you please.  Hence, the need for a Hobby Lobby trip.  A backyard garden party for 40 isn't going to craft itself, yall!

Quick like, because my girls are up and we need to run out to grab a few things to keep the crafting momentum moving .... the past few weeks, in pictures.

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The Mahlke Chronicles said...

Oh man, I'm giving you the stink eye about now. NO SEASON CHANGE!! We only got like a month of summer here in my awful state and now it's already feeling like fall.

Also: do your kids go to preschool full days? The thought of just one kid for two full days a week sounds heavenly. Come fall, I'll have just one kid for three mornings a week. Woot woot!